Here is how we can help the victims of the war in Ukraine and support each other

The news from the war in Ukraine are shocking to us all.

It is natural that the uncertain situation also causes grief and anxiety. JYY encourages the student community to support one another in this situation. Organisations like Mieli ry are there to support you. Read more here.

JYY also wants to emphasize that all discrimination is absolutely unacceptable. We have heard about concerning messages in which the fear and anxiety caused by the war has been taken out on Russians or Russian speakers living in Finland. This is unacceptable and JYY condemns any behavior like this.

We can all also help the victims of the war by donating or encouraging our loved ones to donate to organisations that support the victims.

Organisations that you can donate to include:

There are also other ways to help, read more from SYL’s blog text here.