Join our new development cooperation project’s working group!

Are you interested in student democracy and making a difference? Want to work with sustainable development and human rights themes?

Join our new development cooperation project’s working group!

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)  and the Student Union of University Students in Jyväskylä along with other student unions (HYY, TYY, AYY) are starting a project in Guatemala. The aim is to develop student democracy, student involvement and equality. We are now in the process of building a working group which will start the project planning and continue with coordinating the project with JYY’s development cooperation sector.


SYL began their development cooperation activities in Guatemala with the local student organisation AMEU (Asociación Maya de Estudiantes Universitarios) in 1994. Their last project was carried out in 2015–2017. The long-term goal of the project was to improve the social status and income of Mayan women and to reduce income inequalities between different population groups.

SYL’s development cooperation guidelines were updated in the General Assembly in 2016. According to the updates, SYL is to focus in particular on the accessibility to and quality of education, as well as on student advocacy.

We are now planning a new project, with a goal to encourage Guatemala’s Maya student groups to get organized in the universities and collaborate with other student groups. In the project, Maya students in different universities are organized into groups and they all receive education about the project themes. In addition, the project supports student networking between different universities.

What we wish from you..

  • You are interested in a global project
  • You want to develop student democracy
  • Spanish skills are desired, but are not necessary

What we can offer you…

  • An opportunity to work internationally
  • Experience on working with planning and coordinating a global project
  • An opportunity to develop student democracy
  • Valuable experience on project work
  • A certificate on volunteer work

Join us in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The working group will start as soon as possible. The first meeting will be during week 15. Please contact us quickly if you are interested and want to hear more! Send an email to the following address with a short explanation of why you are interested:

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