JYY compiles a new, common songbook for sitsfests

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä will compile a new songbook for the autumn semester 2023. The songbook will be available in spring 2024 and is free of charge for JYY members. The songbook will be published in digital format, but also in print if possible.

The new songbook should facilitate the organisation of interdisciplinary sessions and serve as a model for the development of a sitsfest culture. The new songbook is not intended to replace other songbooks, such as those used by subject associations.

A working group of JYY members will be responsible for compiling the songbook and making decisions about it. The songbook will be financed by advertising revenue and a group of willing students will be assembled for the advertising sales. The students will receive a 15% commission on the advertisements they sell.

Applications for both groups are open until 12:00 on Friday 10 November. Those selected for the working groups will be notified by 17:00 on Friday 10 November. The working language in the groups is Finnish. You can apply to join the working groups via this Webropol link.

Members and subject associations will have the opportunity to contribute to the new songbook through a questionnaire to be published. The questionaire will be published in Finnish and in English.

The songbook project is led by Aleksi Murtojärvi and Nelli Rauhala. The sales team is led by Suvi Liukkonen.

For more information: 

Suvi Liukkonen
Event Manager

+358 45 137 1961