JYY Is Calculating Its Carbon Footprint and Planning How to Reduce the Student Union’s Emissions

Human activities cause more greenhouse gas emissions than nature can sustain, which leads to global warming, followed by global issues. To slow down global warming, every individual and organization must develop their operations so that emissions can be kept to a minimum. JYY bears its responsibility in the fight against climate change, and is now calculating its carbon footprint. This is part of JYY’s climate sustainability roadmap project, the purpose of which is to create a plan to reduce JYY’s emissions to a sustainable level.

How Does JYY Calculate Its Own Carbon Footprint?

Calculating an organization’s carbon footprint means calculating the greenhouse gas emissions generated through the organization’s operations. Almost all activities create emissions, but the amount of emissions can be reduced when you know where the most emissions come from. JYY’s carbon footprint includes emissions from the student union’s operations and businesses, i.e. the advocacy work, JYY’s apartments and properties in Kortepohja Student Village, Vehkakuja and Seminaarinmäki, restaurant Ilokivi and JYY services.

These Things Are Taken Into Account When Calculating JYY’s Carbon Footprint

Data from the last three years was collected for the calculatio: 1) Heating, electricity and water used in JYY’s properties, 2) generated waste, 3) business travel of JYY’s employees and board employees, 4) products purchased for various activities: electronics, furniture, paper products, maintenance and cleaning of premises, restaurant Ilokivi’s food purchases

For calculations data was collected from the last three years.

EcoReal experts involved in calculating the carbon footprint

The experts of our partner EcoReal are calculating our carbon footprint. Based on the results and the experts, JYY will set goals and actions for reducing the student union’s emissions. A goal-oriented plan on how to minimize emissions and when JYY must be carbon-neutral, will be created for JYY.

This Is How the Climate Sustainability Roadmap Project Is Progressing

1. Collecting information on JYY's operations and calculating the carbon footprint 2. Identifying the main emission sources and necessary actions 3. Setting targets for the amount of emissions and planning the actions and timetable to reduce emissions. 4. Monitoring progress and achievement of objectives.
JYY’s climate sustainability roadmap project is divided into four parts.

Why is it important that JYY reduces emissions?

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä is committed to responsibility and sustainable development. The roadmap for climate sustainability brings these values into daily operations, strengthening our ecological sustainability. JYY has many types of activities, so various kinds of solutions are needed to reduce emissions. For example, heating of houses typically causes a lot of emissions. JYY owns over twenty buildings, so therefore  it is important to reduce the emissions caused there.

By improving JYY’s climate resilience, JYY’s members will also reduce their own carbon footprint, as living in Kortepohja and eating at Ilokivi will be even more sustainable. The University of Jyväskylä and many other student union stakeholders have also boldly taken on developing climate resilience this year. By cooperating and challenging others, we can promote the entire university community’s responsibility.

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