JYY is looking for a Fair Trade -coordinator

The Subcommittee for Development Cooperation of the Student Union JYY  and the University of Jyväskylä are is looking for a coordinator for the project whose aims are raising awareness about Fair Trade and promoting its products.

The University of Jyväskylä has had a Fair University title since 2014. The University has coordinated the project together with the student union JYY, who has recruited the Fair Trade University coordinator. The Fair trade University -coordinator’s duties include informing about the Fair Trade-products and being in contact with the faculties, associations and campus restaurants.  It also includes attending meetings and organizing different kind of events. The Fair Trade University -coordinator works closely with JYY’s Subcommittee for Development Cooperation.

Working as a coordinator offers excellent opportunities to learn about Fair trade and to gain practical experience in project work. The position requires fluent English and at least strong understanding of Finnish. A nominal compensation of 300€ per year is paid for the Fair Trade -coordinator.

Please apply by sending your application and your CV in English to kv-asiantuntija@jyy.fi no later than 16th September. The interviews will be arranged on week 38. It is also possible to arrange interviews via skype.

More information:

Specialist in International Affairs Ágnes Stojcsics
kv-asiantuntija (a) jyy.fi

Fair Trade