JYY’s Board and Chairpersons for 2023 Have Been Elected

JYY’s Representatives Council has elected the student union’s new board and chairpersons for 2023 in its meeting on December 8th 2022.

JYY’s board for 2023.

Arttu Laaksonen was elected as the chairperson of the student union and Loviisa Hurme as the vice chairperson. Konsta Tarnanen was elected as the chairperson of the board. 

“I want to thank the Representatives Council for their trust. I’m excited to develop the council as the Student Union’s highest decision-making body and as a community, that people want to be part of through the representative council elections”, says the Student Union’s new chairperson Arttu Laaksonen. 

“Thank you to the Representatives Council for their trust in me”, says the board’s new chairperson Konsta Tarnanen. “The themes for next year are community and rebuilding the student community. In the upcoming year, I want to do everything I can to support the building of the student community after the pandemic. We have an excellent board, and I’m excited to work with them next year”, Tarnanen continues. 

The elected chairpersons and board members are below: 


Arttu Laaksonen (Keskustaopiskelijat)
Chairperson of the Student Union 

Loviisa Hurme (P&D)
Vice Chairperson of the Student Union 

JYY’s Board for 2023 

Konsta Tarnanen (Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset), chair of the board.
Teemu Haarala (P&D)
Aino Kenttälä (JYYn vihreät opiskelijat)
Susanna Auvinen (Jyviva)
Eemeli Takanen (JYYn vihreät opiskelijat)
Siiri Kettunen (Alvarin unioni)
Tiina Toivanen (Jyviva)
Veikka Holma (Alvarin unioni)
Jani Risikko (P&D)
Nuutti Ruotsalainen (Jyviva) 

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