JYY’s Board of Executives and Chairpersons Chosen for the Year 2021

JYY’s Council of Representatives has decided the Board of Executives and the Chairpersons of the Student Union in Council meeting 1 December.

“The year 2021 will bring hope and opportunities. The information about Corona virus vaccine and its effects on the global pandemic gives us all hope for the near future. I am eagerly looking forward in developing the Council of Representatives and leading the Student Union in the coming year. I am grateful for the confidence and want to do my best for all the students.”, says Aleksi Murtojärvi, the newly chosen Chairperson of JYY.

Petri Laaksonen, the new Chairperson of the Board, tells that he is truly honored to be able to lead the Board of Executives towards a year of elections and influence. He continues: “The coming year will clarify the overall picture of JYY for the members as well as for important cooperative partners. We will develop our internal operations enabling JYY’s activities smooth continuation in the future as well.”

The new board will decide on their sector responsibilities in their first board meeting 15 December 2020.

Chairpersons of the Student Union 

Aleksi Murtojärvi (The Union of Alvar)
Chair of the Student Union 

Elma Hyöky (The Green Students of JYY)
Vice Chair of the Student Union 

Petri Laaksonen (Oikeat opiskelijat)
Chair of the Board 

The Board of Executives 

Aija Hokkanen (P&D)
Akseli Ekola (Jyviva – The Green Left of the University of Jyväskylä)
Aku Buckbee (P&D)
Arttu Laaksonen (Centre Students of Jyväskylä)
Elina Kärkkäinen (The Green Students of JYY)
Lotta Tuominen (The Union of Alvar)
Matti Heikkilä (The Union of Alvar)
Nelli Rauhala (Natural Scientists)
Oskari Hakala (The Green Students of JYY) 

Additional Information

Minna Oinas
Executive Director
+358 45 138 6816