JYY’s Jenni Suutari elected as member of SYL’s board for 2023

Student Union JYY’s candidate Jenni Suutari has been elected as member of the board of the National union of university students in Finland (SYL) for 2023. The election took place in the General Assembly in Espoo on November 18-19. 

Suutari currently works as the Vice Chair of JYY’s board and is responsible for education policy. Suutari is a third-year student at the University of Jyväskylä, studying social sciences.   

“I still feel quite surreal about the election”, Suutari states. “I’m extremely grateful to my student union for its support, because this would not have been possible without a strong community. Being a SYL board member, especially in the year of parliamentary elections, is a huge honor. With the General Assembly’s trust, I want to help make higher education more accessible and advance policies that strengthen study ability of students”, she continues. 

In the General Assembly, Lotta Leinonen (OYY) was elected as the chair of SYL’s board for 2023. Other elected board members are Pauliina Ryökäs (ISYY), Sonja Naalisvaara (HYY), Roosa Grönberg (LTKY), Antti Regelin (AYY) ja Jenny Kasongo (Vasop). 

SYL is a national student organization that represents about 130 000 students in Finland. Members include all of Finland’s student unions. In the General Assembly in Espoo, delegates from student unions elected the board and outlined SYL’s operations for the next year.