JYY’s New Substitute Specialist in International Affairs is Saara Silvennoinen

JYY’s new Specialist in International Affairs is Saara Silvennoinen. Silvennoinen started in her role on August 21st and will continue until June 14th, 2024.

Silvennoinen has studied communications in the University of Jyväsylä and will complete her master’s degree during the autumn of 2023. Previously, she has worked in the international services of the city of Kajaani as a project coordinator.  

“It’s exciting to start the work with international students, the introduction to the job has been really interesting and I’m looking forward to the coming year and working with both international affairs and sustainable development”, Silvennoinen says. 

JYY’s Specialist in International Affairs coordinates the student union’s international work and the trusteeship of international students. She also manages JYY’s sustainable development. The Specialist in International Affairs is part of the university’s international services, where she organizes the reception of new international students and international tutoring. 

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