JYY’s Representatives’ Council Election Has 133 Candidates

JYY’s Representatives’ Council election has a total of 133 candidates. There are nine electoral alliances in the election. The period of standing as a candidate concluded on Monday October 2nd and the Central Election Committee confirmed the candidates in its meeting on October 3rd. 

The list of candidates and their electoral alliances can be found here. 

The number of candidates has slightly increased from the previous election in 2021, when a total of 129 candidates participated. 

The early voting period of the election is from October 3th to November 3rd, and the official election days are November 7-8. The Representatives’ Council election is held every two years. The Representatives’ Council holds the highest decision-making power in the student union. 

More info:

Akseli Immonen
Chair of the Central Election Committee

Petro Pitkänen
Member Services Secretary
+358 50 430 6747