Programme for JYY’s Sustainable Development Weeks

This year’s JYY’s Sustainable Development Weeks are arranged on weeks 43 and 44. Week 43 is also Fair Trade week and campaign videos related to it will be published on JYY’s social media! On week 44 theme videos of JYY’s SD Weeks will be published. If you’re not already following JYY on Facebook and Instagram, now is the time to do it!

During the weeks you also may want to head to Ekolo since a 20% discount is granted on environmentally friendly bathroom supplies! The discount on certain products applies to everyone with a valid JYU student card during the event 19.10.-1.11.2020 in the Jyväskylä shop.

On Monday 19.10. at 14-16

Climate change and Environment in Jyväskylä

Decisions, goals and policies that JYY, JYU and the City of Jyväskylä use in battling against climate change and its effects as well as the decrease of biodiversity will be discussed in the event.

The event will be held in English on Zoom. Register for the event no later than Sunday 18.10.

On Tuesday 20.10. at 11-11.45

Circular economy in daily life

JSBE’s Postdoctoral Researcher Marileena Mäkelä tells how to improve circular economy in your daily life. The event will be held in English on Zoom.

Register for the event no later than Monday 19.10.

On Tuesday at 15-17

Us and I against climate change – Panel discussion

Choices we all can make for the environment both in our daily life and by speaking up for responsible choices will be discussed. Also the meaning of both national and international agreements for the climate and their effect on individuals’ lives will be talked about.

The event will be held in English on Zoom.

Register for the event no later than Monday 19.10.

Our panelists are Researcher in Biological Diversity and Conservation Panu Halme (JYU), Postdoctoral Researcher in Environmental Ethics Teea Kortetmäki (JYU), Postdoctoral Researcher in Corporate Responsibility Stefan Baumeister (JYU), chairperson Iiris Asunmaa from JEF Finland and Advocacy Manager Tytti Nahi from Fair-trade Finland.

On Wednesday 21.10. at 12.

Sustainable food culture in Finland -podcast episode is released!

In this episode, Professor of Social Sciences Tiina Silvasti and Researcher in Finnish food culture, Docent Maarit Knuuttila discuss the history, present and future of sustainable food in Finland from the viewpoints of cultural studies and social sciences. This episode is only available in Finnish.

Listen to podcast (only in Finnish)

On Wednesday 28.10. at 19.

Fixing and sewing workshop

Come and sew your own face mask with some guidance from members of Martat-association! You’ll also get some tips and tricks for repairing damaged clothes and accessories. You need to have some recyclable textiles, a needle and some thread with you. This event will be held in Finnish via Zoom. Sign up by Tuesday 27.10.

From Thursday 29.10. To Friday 30.10.

Diverse local environment -Photo competition

Along with the Sustainable Development Weeks starts a photo competition aimed for student associations. Best nature photos will be shared on JYY’s social media platforms. Check out some tips for visiting local nature spots on the weekend!

More information about the Sustainable Development Weeks:

Josefiina Hukari

Coordinator of Sustainable Development Weeks


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