This year, you can also try rugby at the Sport Appro!

Rugby is a team and contact sport, where there is a place for everyone regardless of age, gender, size and sports background. In the version played in Finland, rugby union, there are 15 players from each team on the field. The game tool is an oval ball that is carried, passed or kicked. In rugby, the ball can only be passed backwards. Jyväskylä Rugby Club has men’s and women’s teams. The men play in the 1st divar, the women in the SM series. The workouts are held twice a week, you don’t need any equipment at the beginning, and later on you’ll be fine with cleats and mouthguards.

More players are always needed, so welcome to get to know and fall in love with the sport!

Jyväskylä Rugby Club will introduce you to the secrets of the game at Vehkahalli on Tuesday 24th from 21-22. (max 30 participants)