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Tuesday 4.10. and Wednesday 5.10.

Jyväskylän seudun avantouimarit maintains open swimming spots. Heated swimming booths are
open 24/7.

Where: In Tuomiojärvi (former
campsite), Köhniö (on the beach), Tikka
(at the boat dock), Vaajakoski (in Uimalanniemi), Palokka
(at Ollila beach)

Winter swimming tips and safety instructions:

  • Familiarize yourself with local guidelines beforehand
  • Prepare in advance to act in an emergency. The general emergency number is 112
  • In ice hole, you should only get wet when starting the sport
  • Always practice in company
  • It is not good to go too quickly from the sauna to the ice hole or from the ice hole to the sauna
  • Wearing a hat, gloves and footwear is recommended
  • Note that the path to the ice hole can be slippery
  • Never jump into an ice hole headfirst
  • Diving and getting your head wet is not recommended
  • Dress warmly after bathing and enjoy a warm drink if necessary