Orienteering at 16:00-17:00

At this year’s sports appro, you can get to know the secrets of orienteering in Harju, right next to the Seminaarinmäki campus. The idea of ​​orienteering is to go around the track which is marked on the map and find the white-orange checkered flags, preferably as quickly as possible. In Appro, at the orientation point Suunta Jyväskylä, the instructors will give you a map and, if necessary, instructions, so all you need to have is a happy mind and sneakers – you don’t even need a compass this time. You can go around the track, for example, with a friend, and when the sport takes you along, come train more at the Suunta Jyväskylä gym.

Where: Mäki-Matinkatu 6