Thu 7.4. from 5 pm

A Spring Trip to Haukanniemi is planned on Thursday 7th of April, where you can enjoy the spring and the awakening of nature after the winter. The hiking is led by Sopulit (Liikunnan Riemu). In addition to hiking, the trip also includes grilling sausages over a campfire right on the shores of Lake Tuomiojärvi. Some snacks are offered on behalf of the organizer, but you can also bring your own snacks. The trip can be attended by 30 people. The departure for the trip starts from the end of Wilhelm Schildtin katu, where you will find the nature trail car park.

Liikunnan Riemu is a Sports Club founded in 2011, which consists of university students. Sopulit (in English lemming) is one of the several divisions of Liikunnan Riemu. It offers its members various sports opportunities related to outdoor activities and experiences, from kayaking to orienteering and hiking to circus. Everyone, regardless of their sports background, is welcome to the Sopulit herd.

Take these into account for the spring trip:
  • Bring your own bottle with.
  • The organizers will bring firewood and other supplies for the camp fire. They also offer meatless sausages for everyone as well as marshmallows for grilling.
  • You can also bring your own snacks with!

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