Structural discrimination to be removed from the Equality Act

The law on equality between women and men should be updated to reflect modern values of equal treatment.

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) is recruiting student representatives of the administration to represent students in key institutions of our university. JYY is recruiting in accordance with the Regulations on student representatives in administration and the obligation of equal treatment laid down in Section 4a of the Equality Act (609/1986). To comply with the obligation of equality, the candidate must be asked for his/her gender, to which he/she can answer either female or male. JYY considers this to be problematic.  

“JYY supports the Gender Equality Act but considers it urgent to review the Act from an equality perspective in order to prevent structural discrimination caused by the current gender quotas,” states Konsta Tarnanen, Chair of the JYY Board. 

Instead of binary quotas, participation should be open to all, considering the diversity of gender identities, qualifications and willingness to participate. On this issue, Parliament, as the highest decision-making body in our country, should take responsibility and update the law to reflect modern values of equal treatment as soon as possible.  

JYY actively promotes equality both in its internal activities and in its external lobbying. JYY will continue to become more equal and will also critically reflect on its own activities. Equality requires examination and action from all of us. 

JYY is grateful for the University of Jyväskylä efforts towards equality. The problems we have raised have been listened to. As an example, the long-awaited change of university usernames has been made possible. We challenge JYU to next make it possible for students to change their given name to preferred name and username simply by informing the university. 

Now, during the current Jyväskylä Pride week, it is a good moment to celebrate past achievements and show the will to make the future equal for all! 

More info:

Konsta Tarnanen
Chair of the Board
+358 45 137 1964

Karri Kekkonen
Specialist in Social Affairs
+358 50 307 0540