Teemu Rahikka recruited as the new Specialist in Communications

JYY has recruited Teemu Rahikka as their new Specialist in Communications. 28-year-old Rahikka has a Master’s degree from 2016 in Musicology. At the moment Rahikka studies master’s level studies in Information Technology.

From the beginning of year 2017 Rahikka has worked as the Cultural Producer of JYY. He will begin in his new post in January 2019.

“My time at the cultural sector has thought me a lot, but I have always found communications interesting.  I simply couldn’t miss this opportunity. I am especially excited to work on the Communications sector next year during the parliamentary elections. I feel passionate about further developing JYY’s communications”, Rahikka says.

The recruiting team was impressed by Rahikka’s excellence in visual design as well as his will and courage to develop JYY’s communications further.

The Board of Executives of JYY will start recruiting for a new Cultural Producer next Monday.


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