The renovated building C will soon be accepting applications for tenancy – our dream of a better Kortepohja coming true one building at a time

The Student Union JYY has been the forerunner of Kortepohja development since the beginning. The Tower blocks built in 1960’s and ‘70’s are now a regionally renowned landmark of the area, and have been protected in the town plan as a whole.

When it comes to a JYY renovation, it’s a thorough remodeling

The Student Union JYY aims to keep the valuable Tower blocks. That’s why a remarkable building development has been going on in the area since 2017, as the buildings have been remodeled from the inside to meet the requirements of modern-day apartment building. All structures, systems and fittings are thoroughly replaced and modernized. This way the living standard  and energy consumption of the buildings are brought into 2020’s. Also the services available to the tenants, such as Rentukka, are unique in the Finnish student housing genre.

The Student Union JYY likes to develop entire neighbourhoods and districts

The renovation of the Tower blocks is considered as a part of the development of the entire Kortepohja neighbourhood, of which the City of Jyväskylä also bears its part by rebuilding the local school and the library.  The Student Union has also taken as its target to have a Kortepohja district that is sustainably built and cosy location for all townspeople.

Application round for the renovated C building to begin soon

The renovation of the third of the Tower blocks, building C, will be finished during the summer 2020. New tenants can move into the completely renewed building located in the best spot of the Village at the turn of July-August. In August, the renovation of building D will begin.

The applying period will be opened soon and will run through 13.-31.5.2020. We keep the Kortepohja webpage posted for more information on the application round – see instructions for applying and more info there!

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