Welcome to the 89th Annual Gala of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä!

We celebrate our beloved Student Union on Saturday 25.3. at the Student House Ilokivi. Exceptionally, this year we are celebrating the anniversary with a gala which will be a cocktail party.


The gala will be opened by Alvar, a male choir from Jyväskylä, founded in 2019. The choir’s repertoire includes classical male choir music with a fresh approach. During the evening, we will also hear speeches and award silver and gold badges to members of our student union, and enjoy delicious vegan cocktails and tasty refreshments. During the evening, you will also have the opportunity to capture your own festive mood in photographs and get to know other guests.

In the picture the Alvar choir stands infront of a building
The men choir Alvar
The band Retrohelma is performing on the stage of Talvipäivät
Party band Retrohelma

After the gala, we will continue the evening to Ilokivi Venue, where we can continue the party to the music of Jyväskylä-based party band Retrohelma. We recommend you to check out the bar’s mocktail and cocktail lists. The lists are designed with a twinkle in the eye.

Schedule and information about the venues

At 5.30 pm the doors of Ilokivi Venue open for the gala guests
At 6 pm the gala begins at Ilokivi restaurant
At 7.30 pm the doors of Ilokivi Venue open for the after party participants
At 8.30 pm Gala guests move to Ilokivi Venue
At 2 am the after party ends at Ilokivi Venue

Restaurant Ilokivi is located on the upper floor of the Ilokivi House and Ilokivi Venue on the lower floor. Both are located at Keskussairaalantie, 40600 Jyväskylä. Both the restaurant and the Venue are accessible. For more information on accessibility, please visit the website of the Ilokivi Student House.

Ticket sales for the Gala has closed. Tickets for after party can still be purchased until 23.55 on Friday 24 March via Kide.App.

The dress code for the gala is dark suit and academic badges. We would like to remind you that the gala is a cocktail event.

Ticket sales and dress code

Gala tickets can be purchased via the KideApp online service. You purchase your tickets here.

The gala ticket includes entrance to the gala, welcome drink, 2 pours, savoury and sweet cocktailbites, coffee and tea, after party and a cloackroom fee. The after party ticket includes admission to the continuation and a drink.

Gala ticket (JYY member) 45 € (incl. the gala and the after party)

Gala ticket (non-member) 55 € (incl. the gala and the after party)
Supporting gala ticket 90 € (incl. the gala and the after party)
Gala after party ticket (JYY’s member) 10 € (incl. the after party and cloackroom fee)
Gala after party ticket (non-member) 12 € (incl. the arter party and cloackroom fee)
Registration for the gala is open until 5 March at 23.59 and tickets for the subsequent events can be purchased until 23 March at 12.00.

The dress code for the gala is dark suit and academic badges. We would like to remind you that the gala is a cocktail event.


If you wish, you can remember JYY by supporting the Aurora Borealis Youth Sponsorship Program, with which we work. The funds will go to Nepal to enable young people to study.

Fundraising permit
Aurora Borealis ry
Collection permit number: RA / 2020/836
Date and area of implementation: Area of operation of the Inland Finland Police Department, valid until 1 September 2020
Fundraising account: FI82 5278 5020 0070 20

Contact and more information

For more information about the Annual Gala, please contact our event producer Suvi Liukkonen by email tapahtumatuottaja@jyy.fi or by calling +35845 137 1961.

Reserved rights to make changes.


The history of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä, or JYY, is naturally linked to the history of the University of Jyväskylä. The roots of the University are in the teacher seminar founded in 1863, where the first Finnish-speaking teachers in Finland were trained. In 1934, the seminary was transformed into an educational university, and at that time the student union was founded. At that time, JYY was known as JKKY – the student union of Jyväskylä University of Education.

In 1967, the University of Jyväskylä became an actual university and the journey towards a multidisciplinary university like the one we have today began. At the same time, the name of the student union also changed and the name JYY, which is still in use today, was introduced. For the first 70 years of JYY, a work has been written – Youth and Hope.

JYY will celebrate its annual celebration on March 24 to commemorate the launch of Finnish education. Due to the COVID19 disease situation, JYY’s annual celebrations have been postponed to the autumn of 2021 this year.