Would you like to grow vegetables? Are you interested in gardening? Join our gardening team in Kuokkala!

Jyväskylä organic food circle Jolppi ry together with JYY is renting three bigger gardening
plots from the city from the area of Survo-Korpela in Kuokkala. The plots are divided into
smaller parts between the interested gardeners. The plots are rented for JYY members and
Jolppi ry customers.

The plots are divided on Friday 19th of May at 7 PM. It is not mandatory to attend this event,
but it is recommended. The plots can be used until the end of September. The price for
renting is 5 / gardener and it is paid in cash at the event or by bank transfer. The rent
includes use of gardening tools (shovel, rake, wathering pot etc) provided by JYY.

Contact silja.parri(at)gmail.com if you want to rent a plot or ask any questions at the latest
by Monday 15th of May.

Additionally Soihtu is offering gardening plots for its residents in the Viitaniemi area more
info: https://soihtu.fi/en/instructions/sharing-economy/