Announcement: Student meal prices to increase

The maximum price of subsidised higher education student meals increases by 50 cents on 1st of October 2022, due to the increases in the price of food and energy, and the decreased utilization rate during the pandemic. 

“The increase of the maximum price is needed in the restaurants offering student meals. Many of them have suffered during the pandemic and subsequently had to reduce the quality of food to survive the increase in costs. The increase of the maximum price ensures high quality student meals going forward”, states the chair of the board of JYY Aija Hokkanen 

The maximum price of a student meal consists of the subsidy paid by Kela and the rest is paid by the students. Currently the maximum cost for the subsidised student meal is five euros, of which the student pays 2,70 euros after Kela’s subsidy. 

After the increase, the maximum cost of a student meal is 5,50 euros. This increases the price paid by students to 3,20 euros per meal because the Kela subsidy is not increased simultaneously. 

In the government budget for 2023 the student meal subsidy increase has been proposed. The budget is currently being discussed in the government. The subsidy is proposed to increase by 25 cents, which would decrease the price students pay per meal to 2,95 euros from the 1st of January 2023. 

The increase in costs has hit the wallets of low-income students the hardest, to which the proposal for the increase of the student meal subsidy provides some relief. Still, I feel that it’s regretful that the increase in cost is not compensated to the students fully. Going forward the student meal subsidy should be tied to the increase of the maximum cost. This would provide some predictability and stability to the students’ finances”, says the vice-chair of the board of JYY Jenni Suutari 

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Aija Hokkanen
Chairperson of the board of JYY