Application period for the chairperson and secretary of JYY`s Subcommittees is open now!

JYY’s subcommittees focus on the development of the activities of various areas in our student union, such as supporting organizations, organizing events, influencing education and social policy, increasing well-being and developing our community.

The committees are open to all JYY`s members and you can get involved at any time of the year. The chairs and secretaries of the committees work closely with subject organizations, JYY’s experts and JYY’s Board of Directors. Anyone who is interested can get involved and come up with ideas! JYY has six subcommittees: 

  • Subcommittee for Academic Affairs 
  • Subcommittee for Wellbeing 
  • Subcommittee for International Affairs (SIA) 
  • Subcommittee for Development Cooperation 
  • Subcommittee for Environmental Affairs 
  • Subcommittee for Culture 

Read more about the subcommittees from here.

Duties of subcommittee`s chairs and secretaries 

Planning meetings and chairing meetings are among the basic monthly tasks of the chairman and secretary. According to his/her own activity and interest, the chairman and secretary have a great opportunity to develop committee activities. The chairman and secretary are expected to have experience of JYY’s committee activities as well as independence and activity. A fee is paid for the tasks. 

Application deadlines and contact information 

Any member of JYY can apply for these positions by free-form application (contact info and deadlines below) and the election of both chair and secretary will be made by voting at the next committee meeting. You can also register for the nomination only at a next committee meeting. 

Subcommittee for International Affairs (SIA) meeting at November 26 at 4.15 pm
Send application by November 26 to 
Event for the meeting can be found from Facebook

Subcommittee for Wellbeing meeting at December 3 at 4.15 pm
Send applications by December 3 to 
Event for the meeting can be found from Facebook

Subcommittee for Enviromental Affairs meeting at December 7 at 4.15 pm
Send application by November 7 to
Event for the meeting can be found from Facebook

Subcommittee for Development Cooperation meeting at December 9 at 3 pm
Send application by December 9 to
Event for the meeting can be found from Facebook

Subcommittee for Academic Affairs meeting at December 10 at 16 pm
Send applications by December 10 to
Event for the meeting can be found from ZOOM

Subcommittee for Culture meeting at January 13, 2021 at 5 pm
Send applications by January 13, 2021 to
Event for the meeting can be found from Facebook

More info

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