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Are you looking for a new apartment? Two Soihtu’s projects will be completed in next summer: the renovation of building E of the Student Village and the contstruction of Soihtu Korttelikylä inf Mäki-Matti. Now you can apply an apartment from renovated building E in Kortepohja Student Village (ready to move-in 1.8.) and completely new Soihtu Korttelikylä (ready to move-in 1.7.)

You can apply for a studio or one-bedroom apartment from Soihtu Korttelikylä. The size of the apartments varies from 22,5 to 53,5 square meters. In addition to more traditional floor plans, Soihtu Korttelikylä offers both studios and one-bedroom apartments with a spacious and practical loft. The apartments have French balconies, with the exception of a few downstairs apartments that are accessed directly from the courtyard of the block. The communal space available for the entire Korttelikylä community (study and remote working spaces, reservable recreational space and sauna) will be completed for the use of residents in the spring of 2023.

The renovation of building E, one of the Kortepohja Student Village’s ”Tower Blocks”, located near Rentukka, is finished in the summer of 2022. The size of the studios varies from 20 to 26,5 square meters. There is also one bigger studio (37,5 sq m) on the ground floor of the building. The layout has been carefully considered, and it meets the needs of today’s student housing.

In addition to electricity and internet, the rents of Soihtu include the services of Rentukka in the Kortepohja Student Village, such as the use of the Rentukka gym. Student Village’s rents include a water fee, Korttelikylä tenants are billed for water consumption. Laundry rooms and general sauna turns are free for Soihtu residents.

Application time 1.-30.4.2022. When choosing tenants for Soihtu apartments, we prioritize JYY members first and other students after that.

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Soihtu Korttelikylä Tour on Tue 26th of Aprilbetween 2 pm and 4 pm

Welcome to Soihtu Korttelikylä on Tue April 26, 2022 between 2 pm and 4 pm. Departure for the tours takes place at Pitkäkatu 17 (40740 Jyväskylä). The staff of Soihtu will meet you next to the construction site’s gate. Visitors can borrow construction equipment from Soihtu for the tour of Soihtus construction site.