Application instructions and criteria for JYY’s general grants 

In 2021, the Student Union’s budget has set aside 20,000 euros for general grants for organizations. Grants are awarded in two installments; the basic part in the spring and the activity-based part in the autumn. The purpose of the general grant is to support the basic activities of organizations operating within JYY. The general grant is granted on application and is decided by JYY’s Board of Executives. 

Grant Criteria 

In order to receive a general grant, an organization must meet the criteria of an organization operating within JYY:

  • The organization has at least 7 members
  • The organization is a registered association
  • The organization has registered as an organization operating within JYY
  • The purpose and practices of the organization are not contrary to law or good manners, and in all its activities the association respects the rights of the individual to be treated equally and with respect
  • At least half of the members of the organization are members of JYY or the activities of the organization are aimed specifically at JYY’s members and promote their well-being or aspirations

Note! These criteria do not apply to council groups. 

Amount of the grant 

Subject Associations 

The amount of the spring grant for subject organizations is 200 euros. The amount of the autumn grant is based on the basis of activity, diversity and equality. Activities of the applicant association should encourage as many members as possible to participate to its events and actions. In addition, the administration and finances of the association need to be properly managed when applying the grant. 

Hobby Organizations 

For hobby organizations and associations, the amount of the spring grant is 150 euros. The autumn grant is based on activity of the association and is awarded on on the basis of activity and it’s equality and diversity. The administration and finances of the applicant association need to be properly managed. 

Representative Council Groups 

In the case of Representative Council groups, the amount of the grant is determined primarily by the number of seats in the Representative Council. The basic part per group is 50 €, in addition 30 € / editor. The Grants for council group are distributed only in the spring. 

According to Finnish laws, party organizations and party affiliates cannot receive support from student unions. Representative group groups are not required to be registered in order to receive general grants. 

Applying for the general grant

Activity-based part of the general grant 

The application period starts usually in November. The application period for 2021 is from 11th of October to 15th of November.

You do not have to fill in the application form at once, but you can save it in between each sessions. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the scoring criteria before completing the form. 

The questions for general grant activity based part for subject associations in 2021

The questions for general grant activity based part for hobby associations in 2021

Links to application forms

Application form for Subject associations

Application form for hobby associations

The general grants will be awarded in the beginning of the December 

For more information

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Member services secretary
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Matti Heikkilä
The Student Union Board Member responsible for associations