FSHS, Student Meal Price, Housing Allowance – All These Things Change in 2021

The law about FSHS is changing, but so are many other things as well. In 2021 the student loan compensation can be paid even if studies have been delayed due to korona, maximum acceptable amount of housing allowance rises and there are changes to how trips to student health care will be compensated.

The Student Health Care Fee Is Now Paid to Kela

The changes made to the Student Health Care Foundation (FSHS) law mean the health care fee previously paid as part of the student union membership fee will now be paid directly to Kela.

For the spring semester of 2021, the payment is 35.80 € and must (with a few exceptions) be made by the end of January. Kela does not send an invoice to students, but students must remember to pay the fee on their own initiative.

You can read more about Student Health Care Fee and how to pay it here.

Trips to Student Health Care Will Be Reimbursed in the Future

From 2021, university students will be reimbursed for travel to primary health care services provided by the Student Health Care Foundation (FSHS). The maximum amount to be reimbursed covers the trip from the student’s home address to the nearest FSHS office providing the service in question.

Student Loan Compensation Can Be Received Even If Corona Delayed The Gradutation

Students who completed a college degree in the fall semester of 2020 and whose studies have been delayed due to a corona epidemic may receive an extension to the student loan compensation by 0.5 academic years.

If Kela sends a negative decision on student loan compensation one can apply for a reprocessing. The reprocessing request must state which compulsory studies were not completed by the student in the spring semester of 2020 and for what reason. Eligible reasons include those corona-related reasons that have influenced the study arrangements or reasons that have influenced the health of the student or a close family member.

Delays in studies caused by the corona can also be considered if a student has had to postpone starting their university studies due to the corona epidemic.

Student Meal Price Drops to 2.70 Euros

The Student Meal Allowance paid to student restaurants increases from 1.94 euros to 2.30 euros in the beginning of 2021. The maximum price of a student meal before the student meal allowance may not exceed 5.00 euros. This means that the maximum price for a basic student meal in a student restaurant will be 2.70 euros.

For example in the Restaurant Ilokivi the Student Meal price drops from 2.80 euros to 2.70 euros.

The Maximum Housing Costs of the General Housing Allowance Will Increase Slightly

The maximum expenditure on general housing allowance will be revised at the beginning of 2021 according to the cost of living index. As a result, the maximum housing cost of the general housing allowance will increase slightly.

The maximum amount of a water fee (separate from the rent) that can be accepted as housing costs will also increase to 19 euros per person.

From 2021, the income limit for the payment of housing allowance will increase. If the household total income exceeds 606 euros per month the excess will affect the amount of housing allowance. The total maximum income increases by 100 euros for each adult and 224 euros for each child in the household.