JYY demands an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

The news of the civilians killed in Gaza has shocked us all. In the Gaza Strip, the death toll has already risen to almost 10,000 civilians, including almost 5,000 children. We at JYY join the UN in calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.  

In the spring of 2022, JYY took a stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and encouraged its members to donate to the victims of the war in Ukraine where possible. Now we are encouraging the same for the victims of the war in Gaza.  

We join the UN in calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, including water, food, medicine, fuel, electricity and unhindered access for humanitarian organisations. It also condemns all violence against Palestinian and Israeli civilians. The situation is acute, with more children killed in Gaza in three weeks than in all the world’s conflict zones combined in the last four years.  

JYY wants to stress that there is no justification for discrimination such as racism, anti-semitism or islamophobia, which the situation in Gaza has increased.  

Each of us can help the victims of the war, for example by donating or encouraging our loved ones to donate to organisations that support the victims.   

Good places to donate to help victims of the war in Gaza include:   

Doctors Without Borders
UN Women Finland
Save the Children