Weekly Newsletter of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY), 28th of August to 3rd of September. JYY Student News is a weekly newsletter that keeps you updated on your Student Union’s news and events as well as other happenings in Jyväskylä. You’re welcome to send your questions and feedback to: jyytiset@jyy.fi.

  • JYY Student News is back after holidays
  • Get your own academic calendar and sticker!
  • Remember to apply for general housing allowance
  • Kela pop-up office on campus
  • Check the study points completed last year
  • Information on temporary accommodation
  • Keep your bike locked and safe!
  • Opening fair and campus picnic give a kick-start to the academic year
  • JYY Opening party – Hot Falls

JYY Student News is back after holidays

JYY staff wishes a wonderful autumn for old and new students!

JYY Student News, Jyytiset, is back on track again! Let us know about your student-friendly event by Wednesday on the previous week before the event.

Leave your notice: http://www.jyy.fi/jyytiset

Get your own academic calendar and sticker!

It’s time to update your student card for the new academic year! Get the sticker for your student card at JYY Central Office or at the Student Services in building T. Pick up JYY’s academic calendar at the same time!

JYY Central Office
Ilokivi building, Keskussairaalantie 2
Mon-Thu at 12-16
Fri at 12-15

T building (2. floor)
Mon-Fri at 9-15

You can have all the student card benefits also on mobile. Frank App is free, digital student card, which also works as an official student ID everywhere in Finland.

Further information: http://www.frank.fi/opiskelijakortti/

Remember to apply for general housing allowance

Since the beginning of August, students may apply for general housing allowance from Kela. The allowance can be applied online, in Kela’s e-Services. The processing time of the applications is still quite reasonable, so send your application now before the busiest time!

Further information: http://www.kela.fi/usein-kysyttya-opiskelijat

Kela pop-up office on campus

Thu 31.8. at 12-15:30 Ilokivi lobby

Do you have questions about general housing allowance or other student benefits? Come and have a chat with Kela’s specialists in the pop-up office!

Further information: http://www.kela.fi/ajankohtaista-henkiloasiakkaat/-/asset_publisher/kg5xtoqDw6Wf/content/opiskelija-kela-tulee-kampuksellesi

Check the study points completed last year

In case you didn’t get enough study points last year, you can return the overpaid financial aid by the end of August. A higher education student must complete at least 5 credits on average for each month of financial aid, and at least 20 credits in each academic year. You can return financial aid in Kela’s e-Services.

Further information: http://www.kela.fi/ajankohtaista-henkiloasiakkaat/-/asset_publisher/kg5xtoqDw6Wf/content/kertyiko-viime-lukuvuodelta-liian-vahan-opintopisteit-2

Information on temporary accommodation

JYY offers temporary accommodation 21.8.-17.9.

Higher education students in Jyväskylä have an access to temporary accommodation in the beginning of the semester. Price of the accommodation is 25€/night/person.

Further information: http://jyy.fi/tilapaismajoitus

Keep your bike locked and safe!

Autumn is the busiest time for bike thefts. Last autumn, thieves were specifically interested in men’s valuable mountain bikes. The best way to prevent bike theft is getting a proper lock for your bike, and locking it through the frame to a solid, immovable object.

If your bike is stolen, make a police report, and inform the university’s security officer. Some of the bike thefts happened around the campus area last year, could be solved because of the security camera system.

Opening fair and campus picnic give a kick start to a new academic year

Wed 30.8. 9:30-18

The University of Jyväskylä and the Student Union organize this year’s opening fair at Agora in Mattilanniemi.

During the traditional opening fair, organized together with the freshmen info session, students get to know different organizations and sectors connected to student life. The fair has lots to offer for older students as well.

Starting at 15:30, students can join a picnic outside Agora, and enjoy music, snacks and some programme.

More information on the opening fair: https://www.jyu.fi/akateemiset-tapahtumat/avajaiset

JYY opening party – Hot Falls

Wed 6.9.2017 at 20:30 in Ilokivi

The Student Union celebrates the new semester in Ilokivi on Wednesday 6th of September with a megalomanic two floors party. Every student or thusly oriented person is welcome – especially all the new students! Let’s make the hottest fuss evah togethah!

Advance tickets 7 €. Tickets from the door 8 €.

Pre-ticket sale:
WE 30.8. Agora, 9.30 am – 4 pm
ZUPticket: zupticket.com

JYY Central Office (Ilokivi) 31.8.–6.9. during opening hours.

Further information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2030370533851372/?fref=ts