JYY’s new Specialist in Academic Affairs is Ira Vainikainen

JYY’s new Specialist in Academic Affairs is Ira Vainikainen. Vainikainen started as a substitute for the Specialist in Academic Affairs in autumn 2023 and will now continue in the position. 

Previously, Vainikainen has been JYY’s board member repsonsible for academic affairs in 2019 and chair of the board in 2020. Vainikainen has also represented students on the board of the University of Jyväskylä in 2022-2023. Vainikainen has a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences. 

“It’s great to get to continue to work for a better tomorrow for students. We live in interesting times in the field of academic affairs and universities are not out of reach of the tense world situation and economic worries”, Vainikainen says. 

JYY’s Specialist in Academic affairs advocates for and advances students’ interests in Jyväskylä and on a national level. She is part of many of the University’s working groups and is responsible for recruiting and training the student representatives for the University’s governing bodies. She also advises students on academic issues. 

“Ira convinced the whole recruitment team with her versatile and deep expertise in academic affairs and advocacy work. I’m very happy that we get to keep a great advocate like Ira in our team”, says JYY’s Executive Director Teemu Vasama. 

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