JYY’s New Specialist in Social Affairs is Karri Kekkonen

Karri Kekkonen has been selected as JYY’s new Specialist in Social Affairs. Kekkonen started in the position on July 18th.

Kekkonen has a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences and has previously worked in the office of the Ombudsman for Children.

“I am excited to start at JYY and looking forward to the new students arriving this autumn. I’ve received a warm welcome at JYY and I want to share that same sentiment to the entire university community. In the midst of uncertainty, I think it’s important that we stop to think about how we can come together as a community and how we can support students equally”, Kekkonen says.

JYY’s Specialist in Social Affairs advocates for students’ interests in issues relating to social policy, for example, regarding well-being, health, equality and accommodation. In addition, the Specialist in Social Affairs advises students with issues relating to these topics.

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