JYY’s new Specialist in Social Affairs is Noora Koskela

Noora Koskela has been selected as JYY’s new Specialist in Social Affairs.

Koskela graduated from the University of Jyväskylä in the summer 2022, studying political science as her major. She has previously worked as an intern at SOSTE and the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as working as a specialist at Kela.

The Specialist in Social affairs advocates for students’ interests in issues relating to social policy, for example, regarding well-being, health, equality and accommodation. In addition, the Specialist in Social Affairs advises students with issues relating to these topics and works as the student union’s harassment contact person.

Koskela has started in her position on August 8.

– It’s great to get to work for students’ well-being! There has been a lot of discussion about the state of student well-being recently and many issues relating to these topics have challenged students’ everyday lives. It’s important that JYY is active in working towards students’ overall well-being, Koskela says.

JYY’s executive director Minna Kalliokoski-Oinas says that Koskela convinced the recruitment team with her expertise and experience.

–  Noora has great experience from trusteeship work and student organizations. She also has the ability to face individuals with respect and warmth, which is really important in this position. I’m very excited that we have such a great addition to our team, Kalliokoski-Oinas says.

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