Mon 4.4. at 2.15pm to 3.45pm, Jyväskylä University Library Lähde, Suvanto B349

One of the most important things in preventing exhaustion and fatigue is recovery. How to recover in a hectic everyday life? How to learn to read your own body language?

The lecture on the Recovery of the Body and Mind explores the importance of recovery and rest for overall wellbeing. Recovery will be discussed during the lecture from the perspective of both physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to the theory part, the lecture aims to find practical solutions that would help us recover and feel good. The aim of the lecture is to find compassion for everyday life and to find one’s own ways to recover. We recommend that you bring your notes to get the tips!

The lecture will be led by Umove’s very own Tiia Thil, who is the developer of the university student sports. The lecture will be held on the third floor of the University Library in classroom Suvanto B349. No registration needed for joining the lecture!

Yo can also participate remotely. The link for this is going to be attached to this site on Monday.

The lecture is given only in Finnish.