Tue 5.4 4pm to 6pm, visual arts class C418, 4th floor of the main building

MiMaTa technique is an art-based tool for stress management developed by artist Hanna (Karoliina) Korhonen. It can be created by drawing, painting or sculpturing. This technique has been shown to have benefits for stress relief.

MiMaTa is creating aimless art with hands while listening to lofi-chillhop music. The idea is to take time for yourself, be in the moment and just let your hands lead. At the center is the experience of art process itself, one’s own feelings and the moment, not the work itself. In other words, the work that you’re going to create during MiMaTa is going to be secondary.

Our workshop during Wellbeing Week will be consisted of three 20-minute MiMatas, which means three separate drawings or playdough artworks. You can take part either in all stages of the workshop or just part of it. Drawing supplies and playdoughs are available on site but you can take your own supplies with, if you want to. The workshop will be directed by Hanna Korhonen herself, who has become known as the creator of the Finnish Nightmares comics.

The number of participants in the workshop is limited to 25 people.

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