Nominate a teacher for the Good Teacher 2024 award!

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä has the yearly honour of choosing JYU’s Good Teacher.

The award, which is donated by the University Foundation, is given out at JYU’s anniversary next spring. It is time to once again start the selection process, where students and associations have an important role. Nominations can be by individual students or by subject associations.

What is a Good Teacher like?

A good teacher cares about their students, is kind, and actively develops their teaching. They are genuinely interested in the subject that they teach, and inspires and encourages to learn. A good teacher views learning as a whole, is dedicated, and knows how to motivate and encourage students to develop scientific thinking. The teacher also uses many different pedagogical methods. They collect and utilise feedback and create learning materials. A good teacher understands the importance of personal guidance and feedback. They are also easy to approach and interactive and don’t leave students alone with their problems.

Nominations for a Good Teacher

We ask you to send in nominations using this form ( The deadline for nominations is November 5th!

There are no limits as to how many nominations can be made from a faculty. The decision is made in December based on the nominations by a committee which includes students from different faculties.

You can find a list of previous winners here (in Finnish).