Ju = flexible, soft, do = road, skill. Judo can therefore be translated into a flexible path!

Judo is the most widespread martial art in the world and has the largest number of enthusiasts. In terms of number of fans, judo is the second most popular sport in the world after football. The prevalence is well illustrated by the fact that the International Judo Federation (IJF) currently includes 199 national federations, which is more than in any other sport. In Europe, more than two million people play the sport.

The popularity is a result of the fact that judo is suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender. Judo is a martial art, judo is a sport, judo is a form of training for the body and mind, judo is a way to grow as a person. In judo, everyone can set the right challenges and goals for themselves, from versatile fitness sports to rock-hard fighting sports at the Olympic level. The motto of the International Judo Federation is: – Judo, more than sport. IJF (Kv judoliitto) YouTube presentation video (3:41 min, in English): https://youtu.be/pgfKasoI5yc.

Jyväskylä’s Jigotain, judo division offers appro visitors a basic Judo course on monday the 23rd 15.00-16.00.

Jigotai is the largest and oldest martial arts club in Central Finland, where eight different sports are practiced. The basic judo course is intended for everyone from the age of 8, meaning juniors and adults are in the same group. The goal of the basic course is to offer versatile exercises that develop physical capabilities and social skills and to reach a skill level sufficient for the yellow belt in judo: ukemi, i.e. falling in different directions, the basics of throws and the basics of tying on the mat.

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