University has problems with data transfers & Student Cards updated and prices change

University of Jyväskylä has a data transfer problem which prevents the data of new students and some continuing students to reach Frank and other service providers. University is fixing the problem. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

New version of Frank App!

New version of Frank App is now available and Student Card prices will change from 1st of August. For more information on different student card options and pricing please see

Why is the new Frank App asking me to register again?

The new version will ask you to register or log in with your web-service credentials, even if you had used Frak App before. This is because Frank is letting go entire of the old application and combining their digital services into one united service experience with the web service, that has been up and running since the fall 2017.

NOTE! You have to be present for the current a


cademic period, in order to register to the new Frank App. This means, that the new Frank App cannot validate your student status if you are no longer present at the time of registering to the new app. → In case you are just now finishing your studies and wont be present for the next academic period, you can continue to use the old version of Frank App up to end of August or for 30 days after you no longer have a present student status.


New loading view

What would you use your student card for if there wasn’t student discounts? Exactly. This is why the new application will open up to the latest and hottest discounts and other relevant information, but not worries: your digital student card is just one swipe away or easily tapped open from the bottom navigation. You will see your digital student card within a second when needed!



If the FAQ section doesn’t help, please contact !