The Student Union strives to be responsible in its actions and maintain a healthy relationship with the surrounding nature. It also encourages positive environmental attitudes and behavior with the help of its activities, which are directed by the Student Union’s ethical guidelines for actions and acquisitions.

The Subcommittee for Environmental Affairs is an easy way to become an active player in environmental affairs. The subcommittee organizes different environmental drives, events and trips, provokes discussion, and prepares public statements. It also offers students opportunities to farm their own garden patches, to maintain their bicycles, and to sell things they no longer need in flea markets.

Under the subcommittee you will also find an organic food circle, through which students can order organically-grown produce. And do not forget to visit Kierukka, a recycling center in Kortepohja Student Village, where students can bring things they don’t need and take something useful in return – for free!