Student Newspaper

The Student Newspaper of the University of Jyväskylä – nicknamed Jylkkäri – is the Student Union’s own local newspaper and a public mouthpiece for students. The paper is available for free around the three campus areas and in a couple of spots downtown. Alternately, you can become a subscriber. A new issue is published every other week during fall and spring semesters and the news and articles of the paper mostly touch on student life, culture, sports and politics. One section is reserved especially for foreign students.

All students are more than welcome to contribute by sending their feedback, comments and story ideas to the editors. The Student Newspaper is also on a constant lookout for new writers from columnists to news editors. If there’s a small journalist dwelling inside you, contact the Editor-in-Chief. All contributors receive a small compensation for their efforts.

jaana-kangasJaana Kangas


paatoimittaja (a)
045 137 1957

ilona-pesuIlona Pesu


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050 353 3362

sivariAleksi Tolppi

Graphic Designer & Photographer

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050 3532 676