JYY’s survey: Contact teaching and remote teaching divide students’ opinions — hybrid teaching is seen as a positive

The student union JYY organized in January 2022 a survey, which charted students’ opinions on remote teaching and contact teaching. The analysis of the results is now ready, and the results show that remote and contact teaching strongly divide opinions among students.

The survey showed that a majority of students (47%) thinks that increasing contact teaching has a positive effect on their life situation. 39% of students thinks that increasing contact teaching has a negative effect on their life situation.

However, a small majority (47% – 43%) did not support increasing contact teaching.

-The results of the survey show that this issue divides opinions. For some students remote teaching has brought them more flexibility, but the positive effect of in-person teaching on students’ lives is very significant, says the chairperson of JYY’s board, Aija Hokkanen.

Contact teaching has positive effects on well-being

According to the survey, contact teaching is shown to have significant positive effects. Some major effects include social relationships and contacts (22% of respondents) as well as the rhythm of studies and life (10% of respondents). In addition, in-person teaching was shown to positively affect study motivation and quality of learning.

However, many students also report negative effects of the increase in contact teaching. About 22% of the respondents described that fitting together your studies and the rest of your life is more difficult due to contact teaching. Some respondents (8%) also felt that the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus was stress-inducing.

Many felt that remote teaching had a positive effect on the flexibility of studies and fitting together your studies and work or family life.

-Studies show that the pandemic has decreased students’ well-being. Our survey shows that returning to in-person teaching has significant positive effects on students’ well-being, and that is also why JYY has supported the University’s decision to increase contact teaching, Hokkanen says.

Hybrid teaching is seen as a positive

A significant majority of the respondents (85%) felt positively about increasing hybrid teaching. The advantages of hybrid teaching listed by students included the increase in flexibility that it provides. 8% of respondents felt negatively about hybrid teaching.

-We support the University in developing teaching through the lessons we have learned during the pandemic, so that flexibility for students remains without burdening staff excessively, Hokkanen says.

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