Welcome to the best Student Union in Finland!

The Student Union JYY advances the interests of students both locally and nationwide, and works to support their well-being socially, mentally, and in relation to their studies.

Students make decisions at JYY. The highest decision-making body of the Student Union is the Representatives Council, which consists of students and is elected every two years.

The next election will take place in November 2023.

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Get a student card

  • You need the student card to get student discounts, for example at student restaurants and also on trains and buses.
  • You can order a plastic card with an academic year sticker or download a digital student card.
  • Information on how to order a student card and about the student discounts can be found on Frank website.
  • You would like to have a student card but you are not our member yet? Join JYY so you can have a student card.

Apply for student financial aid

Apply for general housing allowance

  • If you are eligible, apply for the general housing allowance for your housing in Finland separately.
  • You can apply for this online after you have signed the rental agreement and it’s recommended to apply as soon as possible.
  • More information on general housing allowance can be found on Kela’s website.

Join your Subject Association

  • Find you own subject association according to your main subject and join! Subject associations organize different events, promote the interests of the students and can provide help in various situations. Get more information from your own tutor!
  • If you study in an international Master’s programme, join IDESCO, the international MA programs’ and doctoral students’ very own organization.

Participate in JYY’s activities according to your own interests

  • JYY organizes various great events and monthly subcommittee meetings around different topics and open for all! You are warmly welcomed to join these meetings, learn and discuss and enjoy some snacks and coffee.
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Food with a student discount

Enjoy cheap 2,70€ student meals with your student card in

  • JYY’s own studen restaurant Ilokivi
  • Semma Restaurants around campus and Rentukka in Kortepohja Student Village
  • Ask for student discounts also in other restaurants and cafes around town!

Help with situations related to harassment, bullying or accessibility

Support for personal well-being and coping