Positions of trust for the term 2018

The application period for positions of trust in JYY 2018 have started. The applications are due 30.11.2017 at 12:00.

Open positions:

Board of Executives

The Student Union Council chooses a Board of Executives every year. The Board is in charge of daily decision making and the implementation of the Council’s decisions. The Board also issues statements in matters concerning students, distributes grants for associations and hires employes. The Board consists of 8-10 members.

The sectors at Board of Executives are

  • Chair
  • Vice chair, JYY Group
  • Jylkkäri
  • Associations
  • Kampus Kustannus
  • International Affairs
  • Kehitysyhteistyö
  • Development cooperation
  • Culture
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Sports
  • Social Affairs
  • Tutoring
  • Communication
  • Student Village
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Corporate relations

A board member is typically responsible for 2-3 sectors. See the current Board of Executives and their sectors here.

Chair and vice chair of Student Union

The Council is comprised of 41 representatives which are elected by the student body every other year. Among other things, the Council has power over the rules, budgets, financial statements, loans and building projects of the Student Union. The Council also appoints the Board of Executives, its chair and the key staff of the Student Union, such as its Secretary General and Editor-in-Chief. The Council assembles for a session approximately once a month and all its meetings are open for all students.

The chair of the Council of Representatives (Chair of Student Union) and the vice chair of the Council (Vice Chair of Student Union) coordinate and lead the Council.

Application process

In the application process the council groups for the term of 2018-2019 name their candidates for open positions. All members of Student Union can apply for these positions. If you’re interested, please contact a council group for more detailed information.

All applicants also send their curriculum vitaes and application letters to the Chair of Student Union Eyüp Yilmaz before November 30, 2017 12:00. via email. (eyup.e.yilmaz@student.jyu.fi). If you’re interested in applying, please contact Eyüp for more information about the contents of application letter.

The Council of Representatives appoints the positions of trust at the meeting in December 7 2017.


More info:

Eyüp Yilmaz
Chair of Student Union
+358 44 555 3517