The Advance Voting Activity in the Council of Representatives Elections was 12,8%

The advance voting activity in the Council of Representatives Elections was 12,8%. In the last elections in 2017 the advance voting activity was 12,04%. A total of 1,545 people voted in advance.

-I am satisfied with the numbers although I wished for a higher number. The reality is that there are fewer candidates this year and that taken into account the slight raise is a very good achievement. The Alliances have been working hard to make both JYY and the elections visible. And we must not forget that there are still a total of three days to vote, states Sanni Kupiainen the Chair of the Election Committee.

The official voting days are 4th to 6th of November. The voting happens in an electronic system online between 8 am and 8 pm. Logging in happens with university credentials at

There are altogether 187 candidates from eight different alliances. To find a candidate to vote for one can use the Candidate Matcher at It is also advisable to get to know to the candidates and alliances.

JYY will communicate the outcome of the elections at the free open for all Election Night at the Student House Ilokivi, at and social media.

The Student union decision making concerns You.


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