Call for Applications for JYY’s Board of Executives for the Year 2022

Call for applications for positions of responsibility within the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä has started. We are accepting applications for posts of members of the Executive Board, the Chair of the Council and the Vice Chair of the Council. The call is open from 10 November until 25 November 2021.

What does the Board of Executives do?

The Board of Executives consists of 7-10 members and is responsible for operative decision-making within JYY. The Board also gives statements on matters concerning students, gives out grants for organizations and recruits employees for the Student Union. The Council of Representatives has given instructions to negotiate a board with one person responsible per position as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • Student Organizations
  • Cultural Affairs
  • Sustainable Development: Development Cooperation and Environmental Affairs
  • Corporate Relations and Finance
  • Communications
  • International Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Social Affairs
  • Advocacy and Municipal Affairs

A separate sector of responsibility will be appointed for each member of the Board. The board negotiates other possible projects and responsibilities among themselves. The sectors and responsibilities of the current Board can be found here. The official decision on the sector division will be made by the 2022 Board at its first meeting.

Read more about the sectors and what the Board of Executives does here (only in Finnish, translation coming). The Action Plan for 2022 can be found here (only in Finnish).

Responsibilities of the Chair (and the Vice Chair) of the (Council of Representatives of the) Student Union

The Council of Representatives is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. The 41-member Council has meeting typically once a month. The Chair of the Council coordinates and directs the activities of the Council in cooperation with the Vice Chair. Both the Chair and the Vice Chair work closely with the Board and the staff of the Student Union.

The duties of the Chair and the Vice Chair also include ensuring that all the activities follow the rules and regulations of the Student Union.

Application Process and Negotiations

All members of JYY can apply for the Board. The Student Union’s Council of Representatives elects the board. Applicants must submit their CV and application letter to Student Union Chair Aleksi Murtojärvi on Thursday 25 November at noon at the latest. The applications must be sent via email to

If you are interested in applying for the Board, it is recommended to contact one of the Council Groups beforehand. In that way you’ll have the opportunity to receive the support of a Council Group in the Board negotiations.

The Board will be negotiated by the Council Group at the Student House Ilokivi 1 December at 5:30 pm. All Council Groups are allowed two (2) negotiators. All the applicants will be interviewed in front of the Council at the start of the negotions. The start of the negotiations is open to everybody and it can be seen through Youtube stream. The stream will not be available after the interviews.

The final selections will be made in the inaugural meeting of the new Council of Representatives 8 December 2021. All Council meetings are open to all members of the Student Union.

The new board and the Chairpersons of the Council will be familiarizing with their new duties 9-10 and 13-17 December 2021. After that the responsibilities will continue 10 January 2022. Will there be any changes to the schedule all Council Groups and applicants will be informed directly.

Application contents

Chairpersons of the (Council of Representatives of the) Student Union

All applicants to the Chair or the Vice Chair of the Student Union will answer the following questions in their application letter:

  • Short introduction
  • Why should you be selected for the position?
  • How would you improve the visibility of the Student Union’s work and decision making?
  • The Student Union will prepare a new multi-year strategy in 2022. What things do you consider the most important in the Student Union activities and how should they be visible in the new strategy?
  • The Chair of the Student Union coordinates the 41-member Council of Representatives with multiple Council Groups and different views on many matters. How would you maintain a constructive, well reasoned and and high quality debate and decision-making in the Council?

Chair of the Board

All applicants to the position of the Chair of the Board will answer the following questions in their application letter:

  • Short introduction
  • What motivates you to apply for the position? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?
  • How would you motivate the Board to achieve its goals?
  • What are 2-3 things that need to be improved in the Student Union? How would you improve these matters?
  • The Student Union will prepare a new multi-year strategy in 2022. What would be your starting points and methods for building a new strategy as chairman of the board?
  • Board Members

All applicants to the position of the Chair of the Board will answer the following questions in their application letter (emphasis on the desired sector(s)):

  • Short introduction
  • What motivates you to apply for JYY’s Board?
  • What sector are you applying for? What would be your second choice? (Take into account that a board member is responsible for only one sector but one can apply for multiple sectors). Present max two concrete things what new or important you plan to bring to the sector.
  • As a board member you will cooperate with other board member and many other people. How would you describe yourself as a team player and a board member?
  • Which one(s) of the action plan project interest you the most and what would you like to accomplish in relation to that project?

More information

Aleksi Murtojärvi
Chairperson of the Student Union