JYYn ympäristökilpailu on käynnissä NYT!

Ainejärjestöjen ja muiden opiskelijajärjestöjen ympäristövastaavat -JYYn ympäristövaliokunnan ympäristökilpailu on täällä taas!

Ympäristökilpailun kysymykset jakautuvat neljään eri monivalintaosioon sekä lopussa olevaan avokysymys- ja palauteosioon. Kilpailuun voi osallistua sunnuntaihin 25.11.2018 asti. Ympäristökilpailun voittavalle toimijalle on luvassa 300 euron palkinto. Lisäksi kilpailussa jaetaan 50 euron palkinto parhaalle tsemppaajalle.

Kilpailun voittaja julistetaan ympäristövaliokunnan vuoden viimeisessä kokouksessa 28.11.2018. Mikäli mieleesi herää jotain kysyttävää, ole yhteydessä ympäristövaliokunnan puheenjohtajaan. Onnea kisaan!


Martti Rajamäki – martti.rajamaki@gmail.com
JYYn ympäristövaliokunnan puheenjohtaja



  • 1. Hallinnolliset asiat | Administrative Matters

  • The organization has a plan for long term improvements of their environmental operations
  • Environmental issues have been included in the organization’s valid plan of operations
  • The organization has nominated a person whose task is to ensure the environmental perspective is taken into account in all decision-making and operations
  • The environmental representative attends the meetings of JYY’s Subcommittee of Environmental Affairs
  • The environmental representative co-operates with other environmental representatives
  • The environmental representative takes part in organizing events of JYY’s Subcommittee for Environmental Affairs
  • The environmental representative has partaken in the environmental training of the Associations Seminar
  • The environmental representative attends Board meetings of the organization
  • The environmental representative has received information about the environment competition from the previous Board of Executives or the previous environmental representative
  • The environmental representative has received familiarization from their predecessor
  • The organization announces of current environmental events (e.g. events of JYY and of organizations / parties working in JYY’s domain)
  • Event participants are instructed to pay attention to environmental matters in the events
  • The environment competition has been addressed in the Board meeting
  • 2. Kulutusvalinnat | Consumption Choices

  • Vegetarian food is preferred at events
  • Vegan food is preferred at events
  • Local food and/or organic products are bought
  • Fair Trade products are brought
  • Creating waste and throwing food away is avoided
  • The organization uses JYY’s list of borrowed property (offers their own property for borrowing or borrows others’ property for their own use)
  • In their material procurements, the organization prefers secondhand instead of buying new whenever possible
  • Recycled materials are used for example when preparing event props or decorations
  • Durable containers are used at events
  • Use of printing paper is aimed to be kept at the minimum
  • Source-separated dry waste is recycled at events
  • Biowaste is recycled at events
  • Cardboard/paper/paperboard are recycled at events
  • Metal is recycled at events
  • Glass is recycled at events
  • Problem waste is recycled at events
  • Returnable bottles and cans are recycled at events
  • 3. Tapahtumat | Events

  • Events are to be organized within short distances
  • Participants are encouraged to travel by a bicycle for example by organizing mass starts
  • With long distance travels, carpools, public transport or bus transportation are promoted
  • Energy consumption is minimized at the event location
  • The organization takes part in environmental-related events (for example "No Mess Day" in May)
  • The organization arranges events in which environmental themes are somehow present
  • 4. Järjestötilat | Association Premises

    Mikäli järjestöllä ei ole omia tiloja, voi tämän osion kysymykset ohittaa. Tilattomien tulokset kompensoidaan pistelaskussa. | If the organization does not have its own premises, the questions in this section can be skipped. Organizations without their own premises receive compensation in the reckoning of points.
  • The waste sorting instructions are visible in the organization premises
  • It has been agreed on who is responsible for emptying the recycling points
  • The premises aim to minimize energy consumption
  • Durable containers are used in the facilities
  • 5. Muuta | Other